Jessica Lundy is a motivational speaker and life coach that understands the importance of waking up with intention and wants to be your personal cheerleader so you can have one of the best days of your life. Wake Up and Win with Jessica Lundy is an audio affirmation that will inspire you to have an incredible day. Listening to the audio everyday will lead to more clarity, productivity, peace and happiness. Get your copy today!


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"Today I started my day listening to my new affirmation CD called "Wake Up and Win with Jessica Lundy"! This CD is life changing! This has become apart of my morning meditation routine. After listening to it I feel like "Success Here I Come"!!

- Jade J.


"Listening to Wake Up and Win Audio Affirmations has truly changed my mornings and my outlook on my life. I am MORE hopeful and inspired for my future. I am MORE encouraged and excited about my day.  What I love about it is that it's not too long to incorporate into your routine.  It touches on every important  area of a woman's life. I now place more attention and time to my personal appearance and embrace how God loves beauty. I daydream more about my future and future success.  I usually play it while putting my makeup on, driving to work or setting up the atmosphere at the office." 

- Jami R.


Wow! Wake Up and Win really helped me get back on track this morning. I felt scattered, distracted and overwhelmed and listening to this CD changed everything, I found myself saying Yes I Am, Yes I Can, Yes I Do. After listening to the CD, I was not only back on track, but more confident, focused, and energized. I hear something new every time I listen to it. Thanks for the uplifting, motivating, inspiring and encouraging daily push.  I will start all my mornings with Wake Up and Win!!

- Lucille W.


"Jessica’s affirmations have truly been life altering for me. I do my best to listen to it every morning and I can tell a major difference on the days that I do listen to the affirmations. Her words keeps me motivated throughout the day. Her words have a way of making me realize I could do so much more in my day. She helps me realize how much this world needs me and how much I have to offer to this world. We tend to forget things but listening to this cd every morning helps me keep the image of how God sees me locked into my head. It is a constant reminder that my future is bright and that motivates me to do more than I originally wanted to do for that day. It forces me to create a daily to do list and I often think about the affirmations all through the day which pushes me to get everything that I had on my list completed. Not only that but I notice my mood has changed since getting the affirmations. I’m happier, Jessica has a way of building me up every morning that carries me throughout my day. No matter what comes up, I think of all the things she says in affirmations concerning me and I always have a positive attitude about it now."

- Marshae H.


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