Brand NEW Program for Black History Month or Women's History Month

Now That’s Magic:
How Black Women Have Shaped History Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow



All too often in the telling of American history is the absence of the role black women have had in shaping it! In Jessica Lundy’s newest signature program, she explores the origins of what we have come to know as “black girl magic” and shows what we can do to apply that magic to shape the future.


From Madam C.J. Walker to Oprah, from Rihanna to Simone Biles, black women have achieved greatness despite, maybe even because of, overcoming tremendous obstacles.  Their stories and legacies provide the blueprint for today, a blueprint for perseverance and overcoming challenges, and how to harness the magic to achieve your greatest dreams.


In this inspiring program, Jessica will share not only how each of these women have impacted her and propelled her journey, but also distill the essential elements of each for audience members to use in their endeavors.


This program is tailored specifically for Black History Month and Women’s History Month programming.


Learning Outcomes


Audience members will…


Explore strategies related to overcoming adversity and achieving success

Consider the significance of building something greater than ourselves

Develop a deep vision and mission statement for life

Be inspired to build community and support others in their journeys

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