Jessica Lundy is an award-winning TV host, media trainer, certified life coach, and speaker, who is determined to help people live their best lives by adopting a winning mindset. While attending Eastern Michigan University, she started Jessica’s Jewels Pageant Coaching, which allowed her to travel the country empowering young women to accomplish their dreams. From winning her dream job as a TV Host in a major market after competing with over 1200 people, to winning her honeymoon in beautiful Cancun, Mexico; Jessica fully embraces the power of attracting one’s desires by having the right mindset and systems in place.






Through the TV Hosting opportunity with TV20 Detroit, Jessica was instrumental in creating several new segments for the station. During this time, The Maury Show approached her to guest co-host a special 'Caught on Tape': Holiday Edition episode, where she showcased viral videos. Jessica was also voted Hour Detroit's Best Local TV Talk Show Host and has now channeled her knowledge of the television industry into creating media strategies for major corporations, non-profit organizations, and small business owners.

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Jessica w/ Dr. Oz

Her most recent endeavor Wake Up and Win with Jessica Lundy, is an innovative audio affirmation CD that inspires listeners to embrace a mindset of clarity, productivity, peace, and happiness each morning. In addition to this effort, she loves being a part of the transformation process through one-on-one work with clients of all facets. As a personal development manager for the past 15 years, Jessica has used her expertise in a variety of industries to help her clients start companies, maximize media opportunities, experience work/life balance, and weight loss through accountability support.  Now Jessica is on a mission to inspire 1 million students with her Wake Up and Win with Jessica school tour by helping them gain leadership skills, achievements, overall happiness, and success. Jessica has a proven record of unlocking student potential by increasing clarity and confidence, which results in better grades, higher graduation rates, and improved behavior. 

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