How To Win with Media

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Your business has finally landed an interview at a media outlet. You’re super excited, but then you start to panic. What do you do next? Whether this is your first interview or you’re a seasoned pro, everyone can use the extra support. That’s where I come in. My job is to make you look and feel confident, prepared and maximize your 2 minutes of fame. Whether you’re preparing for a TV interview, Facebook Live, In House training or social media video content, I can get you media ready.

As an award winning TV Host that has interviewed a variety of people from celebrities and politicians to small business owners and non-profit organizations, I can take your on camera presence and interview skills to the next level, which will lead to more sales, credibility and brand recognition.

How to Win with Media will show you

Basic and Advanced Interview Techniques

The Power

of a


Sound Bite

How to Maximize

Your Media Exposure

Practical Experience

How to Become More Confident and Professional

Styling Tips


Tricks for TV

How to Make

the Media Work for Your Brand

Customized Brand


Now is the perfect time to advance your media skills to get your best message across for your business/ organization. I look forward to a transformational day of media training with you in the near future.


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